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- The European Regional Development Fund has supported Saare Dolomiit-Väokivi OÜ in period of 12.04.2011-11.04.2013 of creating print ads and testing new development technologies in Russia.

- The European Regional Development Fund has supported regularily business activities of Saare Dolomiit-Väokivi company. 4th of January we welcomed Russian representatives to whom we introduced our technological capabilities making even most difficult stone details that client may require. Another audience was held for Ukrain market representatives in 1.-2. March in Tallinn.

- There has been laboratory researches and test in Stone Pole OY laboratories in Finland, that was supported also by The European Regional Development Fund.

Saare Dolomiit-Väokivi now has a new name – Reval Stone!

tootekataloog Reval Stone
product catalouge (PDF)

Limestone is the national stone of Estonia, and this is evidenced by the uses of limestone that have hundreds of years of traditions, from buildings to tombstones. Limestone has proven itself as a durable construction material. Historical, the use of limestone and dolomite goes back over 700 years, as the first evidences of use of these materials originate from that long ago.

One of the natural stone processing enterprises with the longest traditions in Estonia is Revalstone. The vision of the enterprise is to become the largest manufacturer and seller of finishing materials from Estonian limestone in the Baltic States, Scandinavia and north-western region of Russia. Due to this, we reorganised the base values of the enterprise in year 2007 and the primary effect of this is a change of trademark. Up to here, the goal of the enterprise has been dealing on the local market and the trademark Saare Dolomiit-Väokivi (2002-2007) has worked well for that. The goal for the coming years is to export 20-30% of our production to nearby foreign markets. Due to this, we needed a new trademark that would be strong and understandable on foreign markets.

In October 2007, the new trademark and visual identity of the company was developed and from now on, consumers will know us as Reval Stone. Our mission is to introduce the mining and usage methods of limestone to a wider audience and to carry on the ancient traditions. We promote the use of natural stone as a unique and original option on the construction market.