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Reval Stone peahoone Saaremaa factory
Reval Stone, dealing in processing and installation of natural stone, is one of the oldest enterprises quarring and processing limestone in Estonia. The company considers its beginning to be the date of 01.10.1967, when the Saaremaa plant of the "Eesti Dolomiit" factory was established with a decree of the Economic Committee of the Estonian SSR. Industrial production was started in the same year. Having a long experience in the field and also modern means of manufacture, we offer a wide variety of natural stone products. The material offered by us includes besides the Saaremaa dolomite from Saaremaa and North-Estonian limestone also a very wide variety of granite and marble from all around the world. Our company has production units in Saaremaa and Tallinn. The headquarters and the sales outlet are located in Tallinn.

The Estonian dolomite has been used for centuries as a strong and long-lasting construction material. The good processing ability and resistance to weather has prompted the use of dolomite also for several architectural details and elements. Nowadays, dolomite has been used for finishing of many high-class buildings in Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Riga, Vilnius and Moscow.

North-Estonian limestone has been used as good construction material in Estonia and been exported to Russia, Scandinavia, Germany. Limestone is more and more used in interior finishing.

The wide variety of imported marble and granite allows clients with even most demanding taste to find their favoured material. We offer finishing materials for interior finishing and materials.

We manufacture exterior, kitchentops, countertops, vanitytops also fireplaces, windowsills, stairs, etc.

In order to offer the most comfortable solutions for our clients, our enterprise has also construction department that can install the ordered materials if necessary.

The Business Registry Code of LLC Saare Dolomiit-Väokivi (brand Reval Stone) is 10956892, the share capital is 2 million EEK, and the equity capital is 17.5 million EEK. The enterprise is owned by 4 shareholders. The turnover of the enterprise is approx. 40 million EEK. The enterprise has 84 employees.