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Order natural stone window sills online

The product range of Reval Stone’s online shop is now even wider – in addition to natural stone floor tiles and skirtings you can now order window sills made of the same natural stones. Our selection includes window sills made of both Estonian limestone and dolomite. Made-to-measure window sills of limestone and dolomite We produce […]

Paekivi, limestone, kalksten Reval

Limestone Reval – an Estonian classic

In Estonia, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of limestone and this is the reason why limestone was named the national stone of Estonia in 1992. The local inhabitants have used limestone since ancient times and one of the most famous examples of this usage is the old town of Tallinn which has been […]

Kalksten socklar, golvlister

Natural stone skirtings from the online shop

Skirtings – a new product in the online shop From now on, new products are available in our online shop – skirting stones made of Estonian limestone and dolomite. These skirtings, which only just were added to the shop, are perfectly suited to be used together with the floor tiles which are also available in […]


Selgase dolomite – a decorative natural stone from Saaremaa

A unique limestone Selgase dolomite, which is quarried in the western part of Saaremaa near the village of Selgase, stands out among Estonian limestones and dolomites with its striking appearance. Most of the local natural stones have greyish base tones, but the fine crystalline Selgase dolomite is instead characterized by yellowish and bluish tones. About […]

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Natural stone floor tiles from a new online shop

We have opened Estonia’s first online shop where you can purchase natural stone floor tiles directly from the producer! Whether you are renovating your home, building a new home, or have another use for floor tiles made of valued Estonian natural stone, you can now easily order them from our online shop.

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Caring for tiles made of limestone and dolomite

What to avoid when using natural stone floor tiles? Although it may not seem so, the tiles made of natural stone are quite fragile. Be it limestone Reval or dolomites Kaarma, Orgita, and Selgase, it is worth remembering that materials that are harder than the stone (for example objects made of metal) can easily scratch […]