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An extract from the list of works performed during the recent years:

In Estonia
- KUMU Art Museum: “Kaarma” and “Orgita” dolomite facade, “Reval” limestone floors and other natural stone works with the total area of 10,000 m2;
- Main building of the Tallinn University: “Kaarma” dolomite facade with the area of 700 m2;
- Hotel "Euroopa" in Tallinn:“Orgita” dolomite facade with the area of 2,000 m2;
- Main building of Estonian Gas in Tallinn: “Kaarma” dolomite facade;
- Convent of Saint Brigitte in Tallinn:“Orgita” dolomite floors, interior walls, stairs, altar and perimeter fence posts;
- Residential, business and office building at Tartu road 16B in Tallinn:“Kaarma” dolomite facade;
- Restaurant "Bocca" in Tallinn:“Gesell” limestone floorings;
- Restaurant "Maikrahv" in Tallinn:“Gesell” limestone floorings;
- Main study building of Tallinn Old Town Education College:“Orgita” dolomite stairs and floors;
- Expansion wing of the Presidential palace of the Republic of Estonia:“Kaarma” dolomite exterior finishing with the balustrade;
- Music Academy: dolomite exterior cornices with the length of 2,400 m, quartzite stairs, floors, support wall;
- Kristiine Shopping Centre in Tallinn:“Kaarma” dolomite facade;
- Building of the Pärnu County Court:“Kaarma” dolomite stairs;
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia:“Orgita” dolomite facade with the area of 2,000 m2;
- Main building of EMT in Tallinn: granite exterior stairs and terrace;
- Jaani Church in Viljandi, Jaani Church in Tartu, Valga Church: altar stairs and altar table;
- Vigala Church:“Kaarma” dolomite floor, Jaani Church in Tallinn: limestone floor;
- Kuressaare Airport:“Kaarma” dolomite facade;
- Culture Centre in Kuressaare:“Kaarma” dolomite facade;
- Shopping Centre in Kuressaare:“Selgase” dolomite facade;
- "Audi" dealerships in Kuressaare and in Pärnu:“Kaarma” dolomite facades;
- Office building at Jõe str. in Tallinn: granite facade;
- "City Plaza" business building in Tallinn: granite facade and stairs;
- Main building of the Estonian National Bank, in Tallinn: granite facade and limestone interior stairs;
- Synagogue in Tallinn:"Reval" limestone floors;
- Tornimäe multifunctional high-rise building in Tallinn: granite facade;
- Hotel "Johani" in Kuressaare:“Kaarma” dolomite facade;
- Office building at Rohu str., in Kuressaare:“Kaarma” dolomite facade;
- Business building at Tallinna str. in Kuressaare:“Kaarma” dolomite facades;
- Shopping Centre "Ferrum" in Kuressaare:“Kaarma” dolomite facade;
- Estonia Theatre memorial sculpture in Tallinn: natural stone works;
- Expansion wing of Märjamaa Gymnasium:“Orgita” dolomite facade and floor;
- Spa "Tervise Paradiis" in Pärnu:“Orgita” dolomite floor;
- Mäetaguse Mansion: "Reval" limestone floor and stairs;
- Vasalemma Mansion: limestone back terrace;
- Grand Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tallinn: “Kaarma” dolomite facade and perimeter fence;
- Kadrioru Palace in Kadriorg, Tallinn:"Kaarma" dolomite balcony perimeter / balustrade;
- Government Building at, Tallinn: “Kaarma” dolomite balcony perimeter;
- Embassy of the Great Britain at Wismari str. 6 in Tallinn: perimeter fence.

In Latvia
- Riga Hydroelectric Power Station: “Kaarma” dolomite facade with the area of 1,400 m²;
- Shopping Centre-residence at Palasta str. 9, in Riga: “Orgita” dolomite stairs and stair platforms;
- Shopping Centre "Driangulas Bastion" in Riga: "Orgita" dolomite facade;
- Residences in Riga and in Jurmala: “Reval” limestone and “Kaarma” dolomite facades.

In Lithuania
- Hotel "LIETUVA" in Vilnius: “Orgita” dolomite facade;
- Monastery of Bethlehem: "Kaarma" dolomite floor and stairs;
- Residences: "Kaarma" dolomite facades.

In Sweden
- Residence in Malmö: “Selgase” dolomite facade;
- Residences: “Orgita” dolomite and “Reval” limestone stairs and floors.

In Norway:
- Residences: dolomite and "Reval" limestone facades.

In Finland
- Finnish Bank in Helsinki: "Kaarma" dolomite floor;
- Iitala store in Tampere: "Reval" limestone floor;
- Centre building of the Turu islands, in Korpo: "Reval" limestone floor.

In Russia
- Piskaryov Cemetery:"Kaarma" dolomite perimeter fence;
- Residence in Moscow: “Kaarma”, “Orgita” and “Selgase” dolomite facade.