Reval Stone – Limestone factories of Estonia OÜ

Limestone factories of Estonia OÜ, a processor and seller of natural stone, is one of the oldest miners and processors of natural stone in Estonia. One of the predecessors of Limestone factories of Estonia OÜ, which was created by the merger of two companies in 2022, was Saare Dolomiit-Väokivi.

Saare Dolomiit-Väokivi considered the beginning of its activities in industrial level to be on October 1, 1967 when the Saaremaa plant of Eesti Dolomiit was established by a decree of the Council of Ministers of the Estonian SSR.





Reval honed

Granite | Marble

Manufacturing of special items

We manufacture complex items from scratch, from a vision, creating a 3D model or from a 3D scan to the final product.




  • Art Museum of Estonia (KUMU) – Kaarma and Orgita dolomite façade, Reval limestone floors. Weizenbergi tn, Tallinn
  • The main building of Tallinn University – Kaarma dolomite façade. Narva mnt, Tallinn
  •  Hotel Europa – Orgita dolomite façade. Paadi tn, Tallinn
  •  Estonian Academy of Music – Orgita dolomite cornices and chopped details. Rävala pst, Tallinn
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia – Orgita dolomite façade (2000 m2). Islandi väljak 1, Tallinn.
  • Solaris Shopping Centre – Selgase dolomite façade (4500 m2). Estonia pst, Tallinn.


  • Lunds Tingsrätt. Reval limestone façade (800 m2), internal floors (1300 m2), 985 stairs, and 170 window sills. Tingsrättsplatsen 2, Lund.
  • Nya Kronan office building. Reval honed floor tiles (3000 m2) and more than 1000 stairs. Stockholm.
  • The new Malmös Tingsrätt. Brushed Reval antique (3000 m2 floor tiles). Nyhamnen, Malmö.
  • Selgase dolomite façade of a private residence. Falsterbo, Malmö
  • Stairs and floors of many private residences that are of Orgita dolomite and Reval limestone


  • Façades and floors of private residences that are of Kaarma dolomite and Reval limestone


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