Reval antique 30 cm x falling lengths and 20 cm x falling lengths -20% (until 31.07.2022).
We have collective leave days until the 3rd of July.

(the offer is valid for widths 20 cm and 30 cm)

Reval antique with falling lengths -20%

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Reval Stone Kaarma

How to correctly store natural stone

Although it may seem that stone is a strong material, you should always keep in mind different aspects when storing products made of natural stone. In this blog, we have previously discussed the correct care of products made of limestone or dolomite (“Caring for tiles made of limestone and dolomite“) and pointed out that natural […]

Estnisk kalksten och dolomit

An overview of our materials

The Reval Stone online shop offers products made of four types of Estonian natural stone (both limestone and dolomite). Each stone is unique and below we will give you a quick overview of all four materials. Limestone Reval This stone with a gray tone which is quarried in Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) has been […]

Kalksten provbitar

Samples give a good overview of the products

Before ordering products made of limestone or dolomite people often go through a thorough preliminary work. Therefore, it is natural that people want to get to know the material beforehand. For this reason, the product samples have been available in Reval Stone’s online shop from the start. What exactly are the samples of limestone and […]

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