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Store the limestone or dolomite in a relatively dry room indoors on a horizontal and even surface. Avoid leaving the packaged material in the rain or snow.

When storing the material observe that no items made of oxidizing metal are left on it (iron nails, wire, etc.). If the material is still wet, you should not put any objects on its surface – not even other pieces of stone, sheets of paper, or any other objects which may prevent the stone’s surface from drying evenly. If the stone cannot dry evenly, there will be spots on places where the objects were placed during drying.

When storing tiles with falling lengths you should immediately remove them from the packaging. If you leave tiles with different lengths inside the package, they will dry unevenly and there will be lines on their surfaces. It is recommended to store the material on its sides to avoid the tiles breaking under the weight of other tiles. Natural stone is a fragile material and is very sensitive to shocks and other mechanical effects (the edges and corners of the tiles are particularly fragile).

When placing wet tiles against or on top of one another observe that the tiles can dry evenly. Tiles with similar sizes must be placed exactly on top of each other to avoid the formation of lines and other markings on the tile’s surface (due to drying).

The stone tiles must not be slid on one another as this may scratch the surface of the tiles.