Own quarries, own production!

Selgase honed

65.00  / M2 - 130.00  / M2 (without VAT)

Own quarries, own production!

Dolomite originating from the western part of Saaremaa island. It has a characteristic pattern in yellow or blue. This very decorative natural stone with an intense pattern formed more than 400 million years ago. Your order may contain tiles with either more yellowish or more blueish tones. Read more about this stone with a quite short history of use here.

The thickness of these floor tiles is 10 mm.

You can also order skirting stones and window sills made of the same material.

You can read more about the delivery costs here.

NB! In order to familiarize yourself with the material you can order a 20 x 20 cm sample.


Product specifications

Surface treatment



10 mm

Weight per 1 m2 (thickness 1 cm)

23.3 kg



Suitable for wet rooms


Suitable for use on the wall


Needs to be jointed


Suitable for outside use


Dry slip resistance

67.0 (P5/R13 – very low risk of slip)

Wet slip resistance

56.2 (P5/R13 – very low risk of slip)

Production standard

EN 12057:2015

Quarrying location

Selgase quarry, Saaremaa, Estonia (58°26'12.4"N 22°11'32.5"E)

Factory address

Kivitööstuse, Sepa village, 93755, Saaremaa, Estonia (58°20'17.2"N 22°28'39.9"E)


Compared to other natural stones sold in our online shop, the history of use of Selgase dolomite is short – just a couple of hundreds of years. Back then the stone was used for walls, but today this dolomite with a recognizable pattern is also widely used in interior decoration.

The slip resistance of honed dolomite Selgase is as follows: 67.0 for dry surface and 56.2 for wet surface. Both numbers correspond to rating P5 (R13). The ratings P5/R13 indicate greatest level of slip resistance and very low risk of slip. Tests were performed in the Stone Pole Oy laboratory in Finland.

Technical information


If you wish to make sure that the stone is suitable, you can order a sample here.


You should consider adding 10% for wastage. In case of a more difficult installation, this should be 15%.


We will dispatch the order within 3 weeks, starting from making the payment (except for samples, which will be delivered sooner). You can find out more about delivery here.

The delivery costs will be calculated in the cart.

Explanation of falling lengths

In case of falling lengths, the tile’s length and width are determined, but its length will vary:

  • for the 200 mm tile between 350-600 mm;
  • for the 300 mm tile between 450-700 mm;
  • for the 400 mm tile between 450-800 mm.

You can find more information about the falling lengths here.

Care instructions

Natural stone is a relatively delicate and sensitive material and any objects harder than the stone can scratch its surface. The surface of the stone can be cleaned either with pure water or special cleaning agents.

In case of interior use and not very damp rooms, it is recommended to wax the stone. The layer of wax will protect the surface from getting dirty. Here you can get a more detailed overview of caring for natural stone.


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