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Natural stone is a relatively delicate and sensitive material and any objects harder than the stone can scratch its surface. Such harder materials include for example metal objects, glass, other rocks, artificial stones, etc.).

The surface of limestone material can be cleaned either with pure water or special cleaning agents. When selecting cleaning agents we recommend getting in touch with cleaning companies who have specific experience with the maintenance of limestone material. Under no circumstances should you use acidic or alkaline cleaning agents.

If the limestone tiles are in interior rooms and in rooms that are not very damp, it is recommended to wax the tiles with a special wax (after installation and when the tiles have dried completely). The layer of wax will protect the stone’s surface from becoming dirty. For more detailed information please consult cleaning companies.

It is recommended to impregnate the limestone or dolomite tiles which are in damp rooms with special impregnators (to reduce water absorption and soiling). Before impregnating the material it is important to avoid any liquids getting onto the surface of the stones (especially oils, acids, coffee, wine, etc.). Natural stone is particularly sensitive to acids.

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