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Product returns

General notes

General notes about the features of natural stone products. Natural stone is characterised by natural variations in colour, texture, and similar features arising from geological conditions. The product photos in the online shop thus cannot include all possible variations of the material. These variations are not defects and this does not form a basis for filing a claim.

If the amount of damaged floor tiles is less than 10%. Due to the nature of natural stone floor tiles, it is recommended to add at least 10% margin to the order so that it would cover wastage that may occur during installation. It is also useful to have a small supply of material at hand for possible future repairs. Therefore, if you discover that some tiles have been damaged during delivery, but the damage is minimal (below 10%), we recommend first considering whether it is possible to use the damaged tiles during the installation (for example in more difficult places). It is often possible and in this way you can save both time and money.

Checking the products when they arrive. When the products arrive, we ask you to carefully check the products immediately. In case the Goods are damaged, the wrong products have been delivered or if part of the Goods are missing, we ask you to document it and notify the driver who delivered the Goods. You must take a note of damages to both the products and packaging on the delivery note before you sign it. Following this, contact us by sending an email to shop@revalstone.com, including providing us photos of the damaged Goods, so we can evaluate the damage.

All this must be done before you start installing the material. Any claims arising after the installation will not be settled. Immediately after receiving the products and checking them the Buyer must transport the products to a suitable storage space. Be careful when unpacking and storing the products and follow the relevant instructions. Natural stone is a fragile material and it must be handled with care. The damage emerging while unpacking and storing cannot be treated as defects in the products.

Exclusions of liability The Seller does not take responsibility for defects caused by the natural wear of products, deliberate damaging, neglecting to care for the product or incorrect care, poorly performed installation work, incorrect use, product alterations, repairs (unless the customer consulted the Seller about it beforehand and if the Seller’s recommendations have been followed when handling the products) or other similar circumstances or actions.

Right of withdrawal (14 days)

Pursuant to § 56 of the Estonian Law of Obligations Act you have the right to cancel your purchase without giving reasons, return the ordered products and receive a full refund within 14 days after receiving the Goods.

If you want to withdraw from the contract, you must bear the costs of returning the products. The products must be returned to us in their original packaging which has been opened without damaging it and in the same condition they were received (including on the same pallet). When checking the products after arrival, open the packaging only to the extent necessary for checking the condition of the products. If you remove more packaging than necessary, you may incur additional costs related to this after returning the product.

If you have used the product more than was necessary to ascertain the nature, features, and operation of the product, you are responsible for the deterioration in the value of the product (without losing the right of withdrawal). When returning the products partially you must also return the delivery costs to an equal extent.

In the case of withdrawing from the purchase, you must present to us the filled-in right of withdrawal form and proof of purchase (invoice). You can download the corresponding form here. Please send the documents to shop@revalstone.com. You must return the Goods at latest within 14 days after submitting the right of withdrawal statement.

When the customer uses the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to take into account the possibility that only a part of the purchase price may be returned. This is related to the decrease in the value of purchased Goods – if after getting the Goods back the Seller incurs expenses on cleaning, repairing (of the package), repackaging on a larger scale, etc. or if the product can no longer be sold as a new product. The customer must also bear costs if the Goods are damaged when being returned to the Seller and this is the customer’s fault.

The expenses made by the customer will be returned within 14 days after the customer has returned to the Seller the product which was the subject of the contract or submitted proof of sending the Goods back. We will transfer the money to the bank account used for paying for the order.

Pursuant to the Law of Obligations Act the 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply to products that have been produced taking into account the personal needs of the customer or according to the Conditions set out by the consumer (products that are not standard products). The floor tiles and skirtings sold in this online shop are standard products. However, the window sills and countertops are not considered standard products.

Right to make claims (2 years)

Pursuant to § 218 of the Estonian Law of Obligations Act the two-year right to make claims applies to Goods sold in our online shop. If you find that the product you purchased does not comply with the terms of the contract (it has a defect) you must submit a complaint to us by any means which leaves a written record and request the product to be repaired or replaced. This is what the claim for the product to be replaced will be based on. In the case of any deficiency, you must inform us of this (make a claim) within two months after finding the deficiency.

In your complaint submitted by any means which leaves a written record (for example an email) inform us of your name and contact information, the date of submitting the complaint, defect found in the Goods or service, the claim you are submitting to the company and please also refer to proof of making a transaction or attach a copy of this document.

If the state of the product to be returned has deteriorated and this has not arisen from the stated use of the object, the customer has to provide reimbursement for the depreciation in value.

We will answer your complaints within 15 days of receiving the complaint. We will use any means which will leave a written record. In case both parties are not able to reach an agreement the consumer has the right to submit an application to the Consumer Disputes Commission.

If proving the defect involves costs, in the first six months these will be paid for by the merchant (regardless of who is to blame for the deficiency or how the cause is proven). In the next year and a half, the costs will be handled by the guilty party.

After we have determined that the Goods should be replaced with new products by us (based on the information you sent us), we will do everything in our power to deliver the replacement products to you as soon as possible. In connection with this, we will contact you as soon as possible.

When we accept your request for returns (in case of wrong products, products with defects, or products damaged during delivery), we will bear the costs of returning the Goods and delivery of new Goods.