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If you have experience with repair and construction work, you can install natural stone floor tiles by yourself. However, if you do not feel confident or the stones have to be installed in difficult circumstances (shower rooms, underfloor heating, etc.) we recommend consulting a specialist.

It is not recommended to use regular cement mortars when installing floor tiles made of limestone. Such mortars can cause changes in the color and appearance of the stone. When installing tiles on top of a layer of mortar it is recommended to use either lime mortars or mortars which contain special quickly hardening cement suitable for natural stone. It is recommended to use quickly hardening adhesive mixtures meant specifically for installing natural stone that won’t cause the color of the stone to change.

Before impregnating the material, avoid any liquids getting on the surface of the material (natural stone is particularly sensitive to acids).

If the tiles are thicker than 10 mm, it is recommended to install them with air gaps (as a ventilated surface). All objects made of metal that come in contact with the tiles must be made of stainless material.

Natural stone is a relatively delicate and sensitive material and any objects harder than the stone can scratch its surface. Therefore, you should be very careful when installing natural stone tiles.

From here, you can find frequently asked questions concerning installation. Familiarize yourself also with tips on storing and caring for natural stones.