Due to collective leave days, the orders placed in December will be completed in January 2022.


Delivery of samples

When ordering samples the following delivery costs are applied (without VAT):

  • Estonia 6€;
  • Sweden 20€;
  • Finland 20€;
  • Denmark 35€;
  • Latvia 10€;
  • Lithuania 10€;
  • Poland 35€.

The floor tile samples are 20 x 20 cm tiles that will be marked and shipped in a cardboard box. The parcel will be delivered to you by our logistics partner.

Delivery of pallets

The delivery cost of one EUR-pallet is as follows (without VAT):

  • Estonia 29€;
  • Sweden from 136€;
  • Finland from 101€;
  • Denmark from 141€;
  • Latvia 55€;
  • Lithuania 60€;
  • Poland 160€.

The goods ordered from the online shop will be put on EUR-pallets in our factory. The maximum weight of one pallet is 700 kg. The weight of floor tiles depends both on the stone and its thickness. For example, the weight of our 30 x 30 cm floor tiles with a thickness of 1 cm is between 23.3-33 kg. If you also take into account the pallet’s weight, between 20 to 29 square meters of such floor tiles can be put on one pallet.

The goods packaged onto pallets will be delivered to you by our logistics partner in a vehicle with a tailgate. In the case of a private house, the goods will be transported to the real estate property’s boundary. In the case of an apartment building, the goods will be delivered to the front door.

The goods you ordered will be shipped out within 3 weeks from the moment the order has been paid for. The exact delivery time depends on the availability of ordered products in the warehouse. If the floor tiles of the ordered size are in stock, we will dispatch them within a few days. If these are not in stock, we will produce the tiles and ship them out within three weeks.