Own quarries, own production!


Delivery of samples

When ordering samples the following delivery costs are applied (without VAT):

  • Estonia 6€;
  • Sweden 20€;
  • Finland 20€;
  • Denmark 25€;
  • Latvia 10€;
  • Lithuania 10€;
  • Poland 25€.

The samples are 20 x 20 cm tiles that will be marked and shipped in a cardboard box. The parcel will be delivered to you by our logistics partner.

Delivery of pallets

The delivery cost of one EUR-pallet is as follows (without VAT):

CountryPostal codesCost per pallet
(without VAT)
EstoniaAll codes45€
LatviaAll codes89€
LithuaniaAll codes96€
PolandAll codes160€
SwedenStarting with 10-36136€
Starting with 40-61, 63-98149€
Starting with 37-39161€
Starting with 62 and 43085Ask us
All other codes121€
DenmarkStarting with 1-36, 38-69141€
Starting with 70-99158€
Starting with 37Ask us

NB! In most cases, a special price is applied to the delivery to small islands (even if the online shop allows you to submit an order with the regular delivery cost). In case of doubt please ask us for more information.

Calculating the number of pallets

The goods ordered from the online shop will be put on EUR-pallets in our factory. The maximum weight of one pallet is 700 kg. The weight of floor tiles depends both on the stone and its thickness. For example, the weight of our floor tiles with a thickness of 1 cm is between 23.3-26.6 kg. If you also take into account the pallet’s weight, between 25 to 29 square meters of such floor tiles can be put on one pallet.

Ordering longer items

If the order contains items that are longer than 120 cm these will be put on a specially built pallet. In this case, the delivery cost per pallet is higher and 40€ (without VAT) will be added for constructing the pallet. See the list below for more detailed information.

  • For window sills and countertops with a length of 121-180 cm the cost per pallet is multiplied by 1.5 and 40€ + VAT is added for a specially built pallet.
  • For window sills and countertops with a length of 181-220 cm, the cost per pallet is multiplied by 2.5, and 40€ + VAT is added for a specially built pallet.
  • If the order contains different types of items, they will be put on different pallets (floor tiles and skirting stones on one pallet and window sills and countertops on another pallet).

Delivery by our logistics partner

The goods packaged onto pallets will be delivered to you by our logistics partner in a vehicle with a tailgate. In the case of a private house, the goods will be transported to the real estate property’s boundary. In the case of an apartment building, the goods will be delivered to the front door.

Delivery time

The goods you ordered will be shipped out within 3 weeks from the moment the order has been paid for. The exact delivery time depends on the availability of ordered products in the warehouse. If the floor tiles of the ordered size are in stock, we will dispatch them within a few days. If these are not in stock, we will produce the tiles and ship them out within three weeks.