Our factory is on vacation between 17.12.2022-15.01.2023. The sales department continues to work (incl. sending samples) and we can ship goods that we have in stock. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Floor tiles

Our selection of floor tiles includes tiles produced from our limestone and dolomite (limestone Reval and dolomites Kaarma, Orgita, and Selgase). In addition to floor tiles, you can buy skirting stones, window sills, and countertops made of the same materials (see below).


10.00  / M2 - 10.00  / M2 (without VAT) Select options

Reval antique

58.00  / M2 - 95.00  / M2 (without VAT) Select options

Reval honed

58.00  / M2 - 95.00  / M2 (without VAT) Select options

Orgita honed

48.00  / M2 - 85.00  / M2 (without VAT) Select options

Selgase honed

55.00  / M2 - 70.00  / M2 (without VAT) Select options

Kaarma honed

48.00  / M2 - 83.00  / M2 (without VAT) Select options

Floor skirtings, window sills, and countertops

Besides floor tiles, it is also possible to order skirting stones and window sills made of all our materials. We recommend ordering skirting together with floor tiles –  this way you can save on the delivery costs. Countertops are available in two stones (limestone Reval and dolomite Orgita). The made-to-measure countertops and window sills will be packaged on a specially built pallet.