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Limestone from Tallinn (historically known as Reval) is the best-known Estonian limestone that has been used as a good building stone for centuries in the old towns of both Tallinn and St Petersburg (in Russia). This limestone that formed during the Ordovician era may be up to 500 million years old. In the 13th century, the limestone quarried from Lasnamäe was used in the construction of Tallinn’s fortifications. In the following century, the limestone from Tallinn was in addition to building the houses of Tallinn old town also used for paving the streets.

Besides the traditional uses, the Tallinn limestone is nowadays more and more used in interior decoration. In addition to traditional products (floor tiles and wall tiles of natural stone) Reval Stone also produces special items based on the requests of our clients. These special items meet all modern requirements and range from façade claddings, lintels, and windowsills to countertops, bas-reliefs, and complicated design elements.

One of the most prominent projects for which Estonian natural stone has been used in significant amounts is the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn. The floor tiles used are made of Reval limestone. The total volume of natural stone used in Kumu is 10 000 square meters and this also includes other natural stones offered by Reval Stone (Kaarma dolomite and Orgita dolomite).

The use of Reval limestone is ever-growing also outside Estonia – floors finished with limestone from Tallinn can be found in all Baltic states, Scandinavia, Russia, Poland, Germany, England, and elsewhere.

Also known as: Lindholmen and Estlandia Kalksten.

Colour: the main tone is grey; not sorted by colour or pattern.

Surface treatment: sawn, honed, antique, and grooved.

Recommendations for use:

  • floor tiles and wall tiles – ideal for use on both floors and walls
  • various interior design elements of natural stone and fireplaces of limestone
  • ventilated façade claddings and self-supporting masonries
  • socle stones and masonry stones
  • water diverters, cornice stones, beams and windowsills with different profiles

Manufacturing of special items

We manufacture complex items from scratch, from a vision, creating a 3D model or from a 3D scan to the final product.


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