• Art Museum of Estonia (KUMU) – Kaarma and Orgita dolomite façade, Reval limestone floors, and other natural stone works (10 000 m2 in total). Weizenbergi tn, Tallinn.
  • The main building of Tallinn University – Kaarma dolomite façade (700 m2). Narva mnt, Tallinn.
  • Hotel Europa – Orgita dolomite façade (2000 m2). Paadi tn, Tallinn.
  • Estonian Academy of Music – Orgita dolomite cornices (2400 m), chopped details, stairs, and floors. Rävala pst 16, Tallinn.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia – Orgita dolomite façade (2000 m2). Islandi väljak 1, Tallinn.
  • Solaris Shopping Centre – Selgase dolomite façade (4500 m2). Estonia pst, Tallinn.
  • Tallinn Synagogue – Reval limestone floors. Karu tn, Tallinn.
  • Hotel Johan – Kaarma dolomite façade. Kauba tn, Kuressaare.


  • The main building of the Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant – Kaarma dolomite façade. Riga.
  • Shopping centre Driangulas Bastions – Orgita dolomite façade. Riga.
  • Façades of private residences – Reval limestone, Kaarma, and Orgita dolomite. Riga and Jurmala.
  • Rumene manor – Orgita dolomite floors, stairs, and terrace.


  • Reval hotel LIETUVA – Orgita dolomite façade. Ukmerges Street, Vilnius.
  • Façades of private residences – Orgita and Kaarma dolomite.


  • Lunds Tingsrätt. Reval limestone façade (800 m2), internal floors (1300 m2), 985 stairs, and 170 window sills. Tingsrättsplatsen 2, Lund.
  • Nya Kronan office building. Reval honed floor tiles (3000 m2) and more than 1000 stairs. Stockholm.
  • The new Malmös Tingsrätt. Brushed Reval antique (3000 m2 floor tiles). Nyhamnen, Malmö.
  • Selgase dolomite façade of a private residence. Falsterbo, Malmö.
  • Stairs and floors of many private residences – Orgita dolomite and Reval limestone.


  • Façades and floors of private residences – Kaarma dolomite and Reval limestone.


  • Sello Library – Reval limestone floor. Kauppakeskus Sello, Leppävaarankatu 9, Espoo.
  • Iittala store – Reval limestone floor. Tampere.


  • Kaarma dolomite façade of the new building of the National Library of Russia. Moskovsky Prospekt, St Petersburg.
  • Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery – Kaarma dolomite fence. St Petersburg.
  • Metro station Chkalovskaya – Reval limestone façade. St Petersburg.
  • Kaarma dolomite cascade “Zolotaya gora”. Peterhof, St Petersburg.
  • Dolomite façades of private residences. Parviha, Skolkovo, Zarechye and Razdory, Moscow.
  • Estonian Embassy in Moscow – Kaarma dolomite façade. 5 Maly Kislovsky Pereulok.


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