Limestone Gasell

Limestone “Gasell” is a unique limestone quarried in Estonia. It does not have a very long history of use. This stone with a striking appearance is quarried in Kaarma limestone quarry on Saaremaa island.

The local Kaarma dolomite occurs in several layers and the top layers include limestone which has not turned into dolomite. This stone has been given the name “Gasell”. It is a unique anomaly, and it is not known how much such material is present in the quarry.

“Gasell” is characterized both by large cavities filled with calcite crystals and layers containing large quantities of fossils.

After honing or polishing it is suitable for several uses – including natural stone floor tiles and wall tiles, stairs, and windowsills.

Colour: the main tone is greyish beige; not sorted by colour.

Surface treatment: polished.

Recommendations for use:

  • floor tiles and wall tiles – ideal for use on both floors and walls
  • stairs and stair landings
  • windowsills
  • fireplaces

Manufacturing of special items

We manufacture complex items from scratch, from a vision, creating a 3D model or from a 3D scan to the final product.


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