Natural stone floor tiles from a new online shop

The first in Estonia

We have opened Estonia’s first online shop where you can purchase natural stone floor tiles directly from the producer! Whether you are renovating your home, building a new home, or have another use for floor tiles made of valued Estonian natural stone, you can now easily order them from our online shop.

About us

The brand Reval Stone is used by OÜ Saare Dolomiit – Väokivi. This Estonian company active in the mining and processing of natural stone has a long history. The direct predecessor of the current company started its activities in 1967 and thus, we have more than half a century of experience. All the floor tiles we sell in our online shop are produced in our Saaremaa factory from stones quarried from Estonian quarries.

Selection of products

Currently, it is possible to order floor tiles made of six different types of stone:

  • dolomite Kaarma;
  • dolomite Orgita;
  • limestone Reval (two surface treatments available);
  • dolomite Selgase (two tones available).

You can order tiles of several different sizes made of all these stones.


If you are not certain which stone you should choose for your project, we offer you the chance to order samples of our stones. You can order 20 x 20 cm samples here. The samples will give you an overall impression of the stone’s properties. However, you must bear in mind that as the tone of natural stone varies, it is not possible to guarantee that the color and pattern of the floor tiles you ordered will match the ones of the sample. If you have any questions, you may find answers from the section “Questions and answers“.