How is the delivery cost calculated?

As the products sold in Reval Stone’s online shop are often oversized and weigh quite a lot, the delivery costs of these products are calculated based on several factors. Only the delivery cost of our samples is a fixed price – the delivery costs start from 6€ (without VAT).

The floor tiles, skirting boards, and some other shorter products can be packaged on a standard EUR-pallet with base delivery costs starting from 136€ + VAT for Sweden (for example). However, the delivery of products that are longer than 120 cm is somewhat more expensive.

Ordering different products together

When packaging our natural stone window sills and countertops we have used the logic that if the same order also includes floor tiles and/or skirting stones, different products will be put on different pallets. Even if the quantities of the limestone or dolomite products you have ordered are not very big, it is more reasonable to use different pallets (in order to prevent product breakage). This also means that the delivery costs will change.

Ordering longer window sills and countertops

For shipments that are larger than the usual EUR pallets (80 cm x 120 cm), the delivery cost will be more than the base cost mentioned above. For such deliveries, a special pallet will be built in our factory. This pallet will be built for your unique order and it will match the size of your products. For this reason, the delivery costs of products that are longer than 120 cm will also include a cost of 40€ + VAT per special pallet.

  • If the length of the window sills or countertops you are about to order is between 121-180 cm the delivery cost will be 1.5 times the base cost (and 40€ + VAT will be added for the special pallet).
  • However, if the length of these products will be between 181-220 cm, the delivery cost will be 2.5 times the base cost (plus 40€ + VAT for the special pallet).
  • If you are planning on ordering products that are longer than 220 cm please contact us via our email address (it is not possible to order those products online).

We deliver to several countries

From the online shop, you can order our products to seven countries: Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. More information about the delivery and the delivery costs can be found here. If you wish to order our products to some other country, please contact us via