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An overview of our materials

The Reval Stone online shop offers products made of four types of Estonian natural stone (both limestone and dolomite). Each stone is unique and below we will give you a quick overview of all four materials.

Limestone Reval

This stone with a gray tone which is quarried in Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) has been used for centuries and is still popular today. This local limestone was used outside Estonia already centuries ago and currently, it is very popular in Scandinavia.

In addition to products with a honed surface, you’ll also find products with a brushed surface in our online shop. Those products made of limestone from Tallinn are available under the name “Reval antique”. This name describes the surface well: that surface treatment adds historical flair to the products.

All our products are available in limestone Reval: floor tiles, skirting boards, window sills, and countertops.

Dolomite Kaarma

This stone which is quarried near Kuressaare on the island of Saaremaa (also known as Saaremaa marble) has also been used at least from the 13th century. The colour of this dolomite ranges from light grey to bluish-grey. Our online shop contains products with two slightly different surface treatments. (dolomite Kaarma is characterized by its pores). In the case of floor tiles and skirtings, these pores have not been filled; but in the case of window sills, the pores have been filled. Even if the pores have not been filled you do not need to worry about the holes being too large: during production, we select the slabs with smaller pores.

The following products made of dolomite Kaarma are available: floor tiles, skirting boards, and window sills.

Dolomite Selgase

Dolomite Selgase is also quarried on the island of Saaremaa. It is unlike the two materials with grey tones mentioned above: it has a characteristic pattern with yellow or blue colour. This colour together with a strong pattern makes this a very decorative stone. This dolomite differs from other materials available in our online shop also because it has been used for only a couple hundred years.

We have added two different Selgase dolomites to the online shop’s selection: cheaper products with a mix of yellow and blue tones and more exclusive products for which we have selected stone with only blue colour.

The following products made of dolomite Selgase are available: floor tiles, skirting boards, and window sills.

Dolomite Orgita

Dolomite Orgita originates from a quarry near the settlement of Märjamaa. This material has also been used for at least seven centuries. This dolomite is characterized by a quite uniform pattern and its tones vary from yellowish beige to blueish grey. However, we do not sort the material by colour.

All our products are available in dolomite Orgita: floor tiles, skirting boards, window sills, and countertops.

Ordering natural stone online

We have added explanations and photos to all the products and the process of buying our products is simple. However, if you have any questions, contact us at shop@revalstone.com.