Selgase dolomite – a decorative natural stone from Saaremaa

A unique limestone

Selgase dolomite, which is quarried in the western part of Saaremaa near the village of Selgase, stands out among Estonian limestones and dolomites with its striking appearance. Most of the local natural stones have greyish base tones, but the fine crystalline Selgase dolomite is instead characterized by yellowish and bluish tones.

About the usage of Selgase dolomite

Like other dolomites offered by Reval Stone, the Selgase dolomite formed more than 400 million years ago. But what differs it from Orgita and Kaarma dolomite, is the fact that it has been used as a building material for just a couple of hundreds of years.

This stone was first used to build several buildings in the western part of the island of Saaremaa (for example the Pidula manor house). Later its use also spread to the cities of Kuressaare and Tallinn.

Selgase dolomite today

Nowadays this natural stone from Selgase is often used for creating facades also in Scandinavia and Russia. However, the range of use of this dolomite with an intense pattern is significantly wider – this stone is easy to process and it suits well for floor tiles, cornice stones, windowsills, and other products.

It also has its significance in interior design as its unmistakable pattern makes it perfect for producing elements used in interior decoration. All in all the Selgase dolomite can be used in a very wide range of applications of interior and exterior finishing.

Buy from the online shop

In the summer of 2021, we opened our Reval Stone online shop. Its product range currently includes floor tiles produced of the natural stones quarried by our company (including floor tiles made of Selgase dolomite). The tiles made of Selgase dolomite are available both in different sizes and with different tones – you can buy the floor tiles as a mix of tiles with blue and yellow tones or as selected floor tiles with more blueish main tones.