An overview of order fulfillment

All the products on offer in our online shop are produced according to the wishes and needs of our customers. Fast production and quick shipping of the finished products is one of our priorities – this is the reason why we can guarantee that the products ordered from our online shop will be ready within three weeks.

We produce especially for you

After we have received the information about your order and the respective payment, we will start drawing up your order. When we have put together your order we will ask you for additional information (if needed) and after that, we will forward all the information to our factory located on the island of Saaremaa. All of our products are produced in that factory:

The products will be manufactured in our factory based on your order and within three weeks. This applies also to floor tiles and skirting stones which are also manufactured according to your order. In the case of these two products, we do not need any special additional information from you. But in the case of window sills and countertops, it is important that you send us as detailed information as possible (if necessary, please send additional information to

Window sills and countertops will be produced exactly according to your project and based on the information you submit. So please be precise when submitting that information.

Ordering samples

Unlike other products, we will usually ship the samples within a couple of days after you have submitted the order and we have received the payment. Our 20 x 20 cm samples will be delivered to you by courier – this applies both to Estonia and other countries where it is possible to order from our online shop. By agreement, it is also possible to ship to other countries, but for that please contact us by sending us an email at

Consider the production time

As our factory has long queues we recommend that you plan your activities in advance a little. There may be cases when the floor tiles made of Estonian limestone can be delivered faster than three weeks, but this is often not the case. It may happen that we are already producing tiles with the size and of the material suitable for you (and thus, you may get the products you ordered somewhat faster). But you should always consider that the production time is three weeks when you submit your order.

Such advance planning is especially necessary when ordering window sills and countertops. These products will be manufactured exactly based on the measurements/drawings you submit. Therefore, it is understandably not possible to have such products in stock by chance.

One month

When submitting an order via our online shop it is easiest to take into consideration that you will receive the goods within a month after submitting the order. As we have repeatedly mentioned, we will produce the goods within three weeks –  but you must also consider delivery times. In Estonia, you will receive the products within a few days after the goods have been picked up by our logistics partner. In the case of Scandinavia, you should allow around one week for delivery.