Limestone and dolomite countertops are now available

The product range of Reval Stone’s online shop has finally been updated with made-to-measure countertops. Choose the material and thickness, enter the measurements and the number of various holes, add the products to the shopping cart, make the payment, and wait for the products to arrive.

Ordering a countertop is easy

While developing the solution for ordering countertops we thoroughly analyzed how to make the ordering process as easy as possible for our customers. There are many nuances to ordering countertops to match your project, but we tried to concentrate all those to a single easily understandable product page. However, it is not possible to take into account all variables and if you are not able to order the product you require, please contact us.

First, you will have to select the material – either dolomite Orgita (with a honed surface) or limestone Reval (with a honed surface or brushed antique surface). Then choose whether you wish to order details that have the thickness of 2 cm or 3 cm and enter the measurements of all the details. After that, you will have to enter the length of edges that need to be processed and the number of holes we need to cut into the products.

Countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

After entering all that information you can also add comments and files to your order. Please add to your order drawings as exact as possible because this will guarantee that you will get the products matching your plans. If anything is unclear from the drawings, we will certainly be in touch.

Based on all of the above the online shop calculates the cost and you can pay either by card payment (via Stripe) or bank transfer. If it appears that the information submitted in the online shop does not match the drawings, we will adjust the cost accordingly. After the order has been accepted, we will produce the countertops within three weeks.

All products made of the same material

Until now it was possible to order three products made of the same material from our online shop (natural stone floor tiles, skirting stones, and window sills). However, as for two materials, it is now also possible to order countertops. In the case of dolomite Orgita and limestone Reval, it is now possible to order all four products made of the same material.

But if your project requires products that can’t be ordered online, please contact us at