Natural stone skirtings from the online shop

Skirtings – a new product in the online shop

From now on, new products are available in our online shop – skirting stones made of Estonian limestone and dolomite. These skirtings, which only just were added to the shop, are perfectly suited to be used together with the floor tiles which are also available in our online shop. Both products have six options – Kaarma honed, Orgita honed, Selgase honed and Selgase blue honed (dolomites) and Reval honed, and Reval antique.

Thus, from now on you can order both floor tiles and matching skirting stones from one place and with one order – an easy way to buy skirting online. This enables you to organize delivery better and save on delivery costs. Measure out how many square meters of floor tiles and how many meters of skirting you need, add a small amount for wastage, and complete the order in the online shop!

Main specifications of the skirting stones

The main specifications of all the skirting stones available in the online shop are similar. The height is 9.5 cm and the thickness is 1.5 cm (for Kaarma dolomite) or 1.0 cm (for all other dolomites and limestones). The unit of sale is a running meter and one meter of stone costs 15€ – the same price applies to all materials. In addition to that, you must take into account that the skirting stones are of falling lengths (their length varies from 40 to 60 cm) and you cannot order specific lengths.

The cost of delivery is based on the weight of the products. You can read more about delivery here.

If you can’t make up your mind on which material to order, you can first order 20 x 20 cm samples of the material which interests you. Both the floor tiles and skirting stones will be produced of the same material

What to keep in mind when ordering from our online shop

Please bear in mind the following instructions on storage and care – when ordering floor tiles or skirting stones from the online shop. This way you can guarantee that the products you ordered will not be damaged prior to installation or when in use.

However, if you are unable to find an answer to some of your questions, please contact us by sending an email to