Dolomite Orgita – natural stone with a unique pattern

From the Orgita quarry, located about 60 km southwest of Tallinn, is quarried a natural stone with a unique pattern that is easy to process. This is Orgita dolomite which formed more than 400 million years ago.  The color of this dolomite quarried near Märjamaa ranges from yellowish-beige to bluish-grey.

Centuries of use

However, this dolomite has been in use for a while – it is known that the dolomite from Orgita has been used at least since the 14th century. As we have already mentioned, it is quarried near Märjamaa, in the area around the former Orgita (Rosenthal) manor.

Through all these centuries people have valued the Orgita dolomite’s properties as a stone used for finishing and the weather resistance of this material. The oldest preserved construction details and tombstones made of Orgita stone are mainly from churches. Details made of Orgita natural stone have, for example, also been used in the Estonian capital city – Tallinn’s Dome Church and Tallinn’s St. Nicholas Church.

Orgita natural stone today

This massive fine crystalline natural stone, which was historically often used for exterior finishing, has recently become a valued stone for interior design. The stone’s pastel tones harmonize well with other objects used for interior design. Among other uses, Orgita dolomite has been used to produce stairs, floor tiles, fireplaces, and many other special items.

Orgita dolomite is not sorted by colour, and the colour of the products ordered from our online shop can thus be somewhat different. But due to the characteristics of the colour and pattern of this stone all these products fit well together.

Dolomite products from the online shop

From the Reval Stone online shop, which was opened at the beginning of the summer of 2021, it is possible to order several products made of Orgita dolomite. At first, you could only order floor tiles with different sizes, but later we added many other products – first the skirting stones and then the window sills.

When ordering the floor tiles and skirting stones you will mainly have to select the material and enter the number of square meters or meters. However, when ordering the window sills, you can choose the thickness, length, and width of your choice. After selecting the material you can choose the thickness (2 cm or 3 cm) and then enter the desired length and width. When ordering the window sills you have to take into account a reasonable surcharge – we have to build a special pallet in order to deliver the window sills safely.