Samples give a good overview of the products

Before ordering products made of limestone or dolomite people often go through a thorough preliminary work. Therefore, it is natural that people want to get to know the material beforehand. For this reason, the product samples have been available in Reval Stone’s online shop from the start.

What exactly are the samples of limestone and dolomite?

Our product samples are 20 x 20 cm tiles with a thickness of either 1.5 cm (dolomite Kaarma) or 1.0 cm (other materials). The tiles, which we put in special cardboard boxes, are large enough to get to know the product’s properties before placing an order.

One sample costs 10€ + VAT in our online shop and you can order several samples (in addition to the Kaarma dolomite we also have samples of dolomites Orgita and Selgase and limestone Reval). We ship the samples within a couple of days and the delivery costs start at 6€ + VAT.

How good of an overview can the samples give?

As we already mentioned, the 20 x 20 cm tiles are large enough to give you a good general overview of the material. These samples enable you to see the color and pattern of the stone and you can feel its surface. In addition to this, we also recommend going through the photos, you find in our online shop and our main website. Since the tone of natural stone can vary, it is not possible to guarantee that the color and pattern of the ordered product match the ones of the sample exactly.

Those possible variations present in stones result from natural processes, which have taken place for millions of years. You can find more information about the variations present in our stones from the Q&A page (questions “Do samples give a good overview of the appearance of the products?” and “Can the color or pattern of products made of one material differ significantly?”).

If you find material suitable

If you have familiarized yourself with the material and it looks good for your project, you can simply submit an order. If this is one of our standard products you can submit the order directly from our online shop (floor tiles in several sizes, skirting boards with the height of 95 mm, and made-to-measure window sills and countertops).

If you can’t find a suitable product from the online shop, contact us at