Order natural stone window sills online

The product range of Reval Stone’s online shop is now even wider – in addition to natural stone floor tiles and skirtings you can now order window sills made of the same natural stones. Our selection includes window sills made of both Estonian limestone and dolomite.

Made-to-measure window sills of limestone and dolomite

We produce our window sills from four materials: limestone Reval and dolomites Kaarma, Orgita, and Selgase. As with all other products, limestone Reval is available with two surface treatments (honed and antique) and dolomite Selgase with two colors (mix of yellow and blue tones and just blue tones).

The surface of the window sills is not treated on only one side. In addition to the top, the front edge and 10 cm on both sides of the window sills have been treated (in case of Reval antique these surfaces have been brushed and in case of all other materials these are honed). In addition to that, the front edge and 10 cm edges have 2 mm chamfered edges.

How to order?

It has never been easier to order natural stone window sills exactly according to the required measurements. As with other products in our online shop, you will first have to select the material you want. All the materials have the same price. After that, you only need to select or enter the measurements.

First, you will have to select the thickness of the window sill. We offer window sills in two thicknesses – either 2 cm or 3 cm. After choosing the thickness, you will need to enter the width and length (in centimeters) and add the products to the shopping cart. The price displayed next to the product changes when the measurements are changed. After adding the window sills to the shopping cart you can either order window sills with other measurements or continue to checkout.

Everything from one place

As we mentioned earlier, you can currently order three different types of products from our online shop (floor tiles, skirtings, and window sills). You can also order all those products made of exactly the same material. It is a great option to create an interior design using uniform and well-matching products (although, you can of course also order floor tiles made of one material and window sills made of another material).

However, if you cannot find exactly those products your project requires, contact us at shop@revalstone.com.