More than the products in the online shop

The product range available in Reval Stone’s online shop is designed based on the products our customers would like to order the most. This is the reason why our product range currently consists of four types of products: floor tiles, skirtings, window sills, and countertops made of Estonian natural stone. It is clear that it is not possible to add to the online shop all the products our clients need. Thus, we encourage you to contact us – send an email to and describe the products you need. We believe that together we can reach a suitable solution.

We also produce custom-made products

As it is not always possible to carry out projects based solely on standard production, we also produce special items based on the requests of our customers. These may be a bit thicker limestone floor tiles, countertops with special shapes, or even more specific products. Whatever your wishes are – contact us and our specialists will help you find the best possible solution.

In addition to the products we offer in our online shop you can also order the following details made of limestone or dolomite (we have only listed some examples):

  • tiles with special measurements (for example paving slabs or slabs for terraces);
  • wall stones, wall tiles, and façade claddings;
  • fireplaces, pillars, and other interior design elements;
  • socle stones and masonry stones;
  • stairs and stair landings;
  • water diverters, cornice stones, and beams.

You can find photos of products made by us either in the materials section of our website or in the gallery.

Placing an order as a company

Currently, it is not possible to place an order as a company in our online shop. But we are glad to also fill the orders placed by companies. For this please contact us at and send an overview of the products you need. This way you can order both our standard products and custom-made products which are not available in the online shop.

What else to keep in mind?

When ordering custom-made products you should take into account a longer waiting time than usual. We produce the products ordered from our online shop within 3 weeks, but for custom-made products, this may take somewhat longer. Also, the delivery cost may not be the same as when ordering from the online shop. When ordering larger quantities of products or more specific products, it may be more reasonable to use some other delivery option and its price depends on the order. So please don’t hesitate to contact us.